Moving Forward …

Last night I realized that I am in the midst of another FTW experience.  Normally, a biker  does not feel any wind on his/her face unless they are moving forward.   Professionally, I ‘felt the wind’ while I was privileged to be a part of a dinner meeting.  I expect to feel even more wind today when a number of us will be spending a full day learning together.

Before I can explain this metaphor, I need to provide a little background information:  Within our Board, I am one of a 3 person leadership team for a an initiative called the Futures Forum Project (FFP).  This is a system supported project that involves teachers and administrators from 7 different secondary schools.  The focus is to develop and implement a inquiry focused, technology rich course that fulfills the expectations for 3 secondary school courses – Gr 10 English, Gr 10 Career Studies and Gr 10 Civics.  The actual course will be offered in the seven schools starting second semester (This project will certainly be the topic of a number of future blog posts).

To prepare everyone involved in the project, our Board is participating in the Powerful Learning Practice (aka PLP).  Assisting us will be Will Richardson and Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach.   It was during dinner with Will and Sheryl and the other key leaders in the FFP that I really began to feel the wind.

Our conversation covered many topics but one that will not leave me was the discussion on blogging.  I was intrigued by the comparisons and contrasts between blogging and twitter.

“Twitter is only scratching the surface”.

“You cannot meaningfully express yourself in 140 characters or less”.

“Blogging requires going far deeper”

I was challenged by Sheryl to go beyond simply using Twitter.  Not that I will leave Twitter behind.  I really appreciate the learning and networking that I benefit from as a member of the Twitterati.

However, to help me grow (and to help those who may take the time to read this blog), I was challenged to take more time to reflect – both professionally and personally – on my ongoing learning and on the work I am involved with.

The road ahead will likely have a lot of twists and turns (always a good thing for a biker).  Time for another great ride.  I do love to feel the wind in my face.

FTW, Harry