Sometimes it is not about the destination …

This summer it has been a great opportunity to get away from the desk.   So far it has been wonderful.  Even though it is still early in Aug (still 4 weeks to go I think), I am amazed at how much I have accomplished:

– attended ISTE 2010 (my initial posts were about this conference in Denver)

– drove, hiked and immersed myself in the wonders of the world north of Lake Superior.

– served as a member of the staff team at CCJ ’10 where almost 400 Wolf Cubs and 175 Cub Leaders camped for a week.

– ripped apart and rebuilt our shed (just need to shingle the roof)

This week, I am preparing to leave home again and co-lead CATC By The Water 2010.  Irreverently called ‘Computer Camp’, this is an awesome PD opportunity for teachers within our school board to work on broadening the use of computers and technology within their classes.

Compared to many summers, it would appear that I have been able to get a lot of things done.  But what I have been continually amazed by is how much more I have enjoying doing the work than getting it done.  I used to be a person that looked forward to checking off the things that I have done.  I always thought of myself as being very task oriented.

The week my wife and I spent north of Lake Superior is a great example of the changes I am seeing in my perspective.  The hi-light of the week was the drive.  The scenery along the hi-way from Sault Ste. Marie to Wawa Ont. is indescribable.  One post card moment after another.  In contrast, the arrival at Wawa and visiting the infamous goose was anti-climatic.

I guess this summer is simply serving to remind me that we need to pay more attention to the journey rather than simply look forward to the destination.  If we simply focus upon the destination, there is so much along the journey that might be missed.

FTW, Harry