Who am I?  I am a geek, a teacher and a learner, a biker, a scouter and a person with a deep commitment to my family.

As an ICT Consultant with the Waterloo Region District School Board, I work to support and promote the use of technology to improve student learning within the secondary schools of our Board.

The real start of this blog is to explain its title.  I recently discovered the joys of riding a motorcycle.  For those who are, I own and ride a Honda Shadow Spirit 750.  I love to ride and I love the feeling of having the wind in your face as I ride.  I once read something about the difference between riding a bike and driving a car.  I really did not understand the difference until I began riding a year ago.

When you drive in a car, you can look out the window and and enjoy the scenery as you drive down the highway.  The driver is a spectator. But as a biker riding down the highway, there are no windows.  You are a part of the scenery.

There are many stretches of highway through southern Ontario (where I live) that I have driven many times.  Now when I ride those same roads, it is like I am riding them for the first time.

And so, this really is the reference I am making in the title of this blog.  When I ride – with the wind in my face – I am not only on my way to get somewhere, I am also enjoying the journey.

This blog will be my journal reflecting both on the places I am going and on the journey along the way.

So I look forward to sharing and I welcome all those who would like to ride with me – even just for a section of the trip.

May the wind in your face remind you that you are moving forward.



One thought on “About

  1. Harry – just saw your Waterloo Region Daily for the first time today. Was wondering if I could send you a brief piece by email on Scientists in School’s 5 million memories campaign for inclusion. I do realize you primarily write/share about technology in education, but I think the SiS campaign may be of interest to your readers.
    I am Gale Davy, Development and Communications Officer, Scientists in School
    Email: gale.davy@scientistsinschool.ca

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