ISTE 2010 – Day 4 (Final Day)

There were a number of times today that I wondered if this conference was one day too long.  I found myself very tired and it took a lot of energy to get up and remain engaged in the conference.

The first session I attended featured Chris Lehmann from the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia.  His vision for school leadership was inspiring.  It made me wonder how many of our school administrators see their roles as more than a building manager?  How many are true leaders in their schools?

After that session, I tried visiting the vendor area one last time but I was too tired to listen to vendors.

The vendor area at ISTE is huge.  I would not be able to guess how many vendors were represented.  Some of the hilights for me from the vendor area included:

– Data projectors that can project in 3D

– Connecting with Desire 2 Learn and putting some preliminary plans to have a private demo of the latest version so that we can better prepared for the fall when I begin to share the role of District eLearning Contact for our school board.

The only other event I took in was the closing keynote address.  Jeff Piantek from the Hawaii Tech Academy reminded us of a number of themes that were echoed throughout the conference:

– Pedagogy is to drive technology not the other way around

– Creativity and Innovation are key

– Education needs to prepare students for life

There is so much more that can be said about ISTE 2010.  All a person has to do is to follow the twitter feed #iste10 to see this.  There were times that the tweets were coming faster than I could scan them.  However, twitter was very valuable for it allowed me (and anyone else for that matter) to follow some of the other sessions without attending.  One of the tasks that I have is to review a number of tweets that I have saved.  Many of these will refer me to websites and wikis where notes and digital handouts are stored.

In the evening, a number of Ontario educators met for supper and we reflected upon the week.  We celebrated @ron_mill’s birthday.  We celebrated @dougpete’s retirement.  We celebrated @kentmanning’s new role as the president of SIGDS – the Digital Storytelling special interest group. We celebrated job changes for @peterskillen and @zbpipe.  Finally, we celebrated the end of 4 excellent days learning together and the end of the school year.

FTW … Harry