ISTE 2010 – Day 3

On the morning of the 3rd day, I held a special appreciation for technology.  The keynote  began at 8:30am and when I woke up, I was still very tired from the previous day.  There was no way I could get myself ready and walk to the convention center in time.  Fortunately, the keynote was streamed live over the internet and I was able to  watch it from the comfort of my hotel room.

The keynote took the form of a panel who shared their perspectives on the relevance and importance of excellence and innovation. This theme was derived from the context of the theme for the entire conference:  Exploring Excellence.

There were some key points made in the discussion.  One of the most profound was the declaration of the student member who said, “I wish I had learned how to learn”.   The twitter feed shows that this resonated with many of the people who were listening.

A second key point that was raised was the declaration that we need to trust our teachers more as per the model of Google.  By trusting our teachers, we are encouraging creativity and innovation.

The remaining time of the day was spent listening to a number of terrific presenters.  I was able to hear Ian Jukes once again (I had heard him last year at ECOO).  He spoke on ‘disruptive innovation’ describing how the world is changing around us and education has to change in order to remain relevant.

The highlight of the day was the presentation by Doug Johnson. After hearing his talk, I think I would consider myself a ‘radical centrist’ though I still have to do some more reflecting on what that really means.    (I know I will be writing at least one blog entry after the conference is over spending more time reflecting on what I have learned rather than just describing what I did.  There are just some things that I need to take time to process before I can fully understand what they mean and what they mean to me)

I was able to spend more time with my Ontario peeps today.  I have a lot of respect for people like @kentmanning, @brendasherry, @zbpipe, @dougpete, @peterskillen and my co-worker and close friend @ron_mill.  It really is a pleasure to enjoy this conference with these committed educators from Ontario.

FTW … Harry


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