ISTE 2010 – Day 2

I have to admit that I really looked forward to the second day of the conference.  When I examined the program, there were so many great presentations being offered and it would be my first opportunity to visit the Exhibitor floor filled with hundreds of vendor displays.

Part of the problem for the day was that there were too many great choices … Leslie Fischer, David Warlick, David Thornburg, Hall Davidson, Will Richardson, Steve Hargadon and Bernie Dodge.  The topics covered a wide range as well – from hand held devices like the ipod touch to open source software and technology.

The hilight of the sessions I attended was David Thornburg who reflected on the need for us to begin preparing our students for the 22nd century.  It was a terrific thought provoking presentation with some great visuals.  I am looking forward to having David as one of the keynote speakers at ECOO 2010 in Toronto this November.

One of the privileges of coming to ISTE 2010 are the other opportunities that are available.  I was pleased to be invited to attend a reception hosted by the Canadian Consulate in Denver.  Ed Tech leaders from education and business came together to celebrate the work that is being done in Canada.

The evening ended with a dinner hosted by IBM Canada.  This was a relaxing way to end a wonderful day.

Still feeling the wind



One thought on “ISTE 2010 – Day 2

  1. And through it all, I forgot to mention my excitement as the Dutch defeated Slovakia to move into the quarter-finals of the World Cup. Hup Holland Hup!

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